Casa Guadalupe
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Here is the deal on this house. The purpose, location, and design evolved over several months. Come for a visit and I will tell you the whole story if you're interested. It was my second residence in Mexico, located in the village center of Pueblo SacBe. I built it on the property of a friend, who bought it from me. For my efforts, I lived in it for two years.

The design revealed itself during a game of chess. The shape is two octagons joined to form a sort of hourglass shape. One end has a second level bedroom and the other end has a second level terrace. The structure starts with large hardwood posts, concrete, and limestone rocks. It is finished with hardwood details, a secate bolado around the middle and a palapa roof over the bedroom.

The power comes from the sun by way of four PV panels, a charger, eight batteries, and an inverter. There is plenty of power for lights, fans, and appliances, but not for a microwave or refrigerator. Selling a range of systems like this will hopefully keep plenty of frijoles and tortillas in the kitchen.

The front yard is extensively landscaped and features a private cenote for cooling off on those hot summer afternoons.

Casa Guadalupe:
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Solar Energy System:
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Cueva Guadalupe (my front yard):
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