BALAM balam gliph

When I returned from my January 2004 trip to Portland I discovered a new family member. This guy was born around the first of the year, and was found sick and starving in a fading Mayan village near Akumal. He appears to be a Patterdale Terrier. His name is Balam: the jaguar spirit which watches to keep evil away from Maya villages and households. Benevolent but feared.

Before: puppy-before   After: puppy-after



Solo originally watched warily from the forest as we built my house. I suspect that his fear of people came from a rough history. Each day he came a little closer, especially when food was offered. After many months, I sent him to live with my contractor in town, but after the third time he found his way five miles back to my house, I took it as a vote to join the family.


Here are some recent pictures: