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Update: 04 May 2013

Greetings Friends!

Life has been good here in the tropical world. Not much stress or drama, and not many changes since my last update almost a year ago. The changes happen slowly here and I like it that way. Here is the news though.

The doggy population is back up to two. In January I found a starving flea-covered dog huddled in a corner of my kitchen. ( d1 d2 ) Since then he has had a very good recovery ( d3 d4 d5 d6 ) and has decided to stay here in his new condo ( d7 ). His name is Numero Dos, since Xquiq, the queen who lives upstairs is number one ( x1 x2 ).

My garden has made a little progress. The first raised bed is ready to fill with compost ( g1 ), the pineapple plantation is growing well ( g2 ), in a few months I will be overloaded with a variety of chiles ( g3 ), and I have some fishtail palms starting up ( p1 ).

February appears to be orchid month here. That is when there were lots flowers on the native plants I rescued last year ( o1 o2 o3 o4 o5 o6 ). This year I started several more orchids from Chiapas, so I am looking forward to more colors next year.

All the other projects are making sloooow but steady progress.

That is the status of things in my little Mexican village. How about you? Please keep in touch, and don't forget that the Caribbean beaches are here waiting for you to visit.

Hasta la proxima,
Bill Barton

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